Trinity Orthopedics


Trinity’s product pipeline promises to enable the surgeon to significantly reduce the incidence of complications by constructing a lumbosacral fusion that establishes and maintains proper spine biomechanics while at the same time employing a nerve avoiding minimally invasive technique.


Minimally Invasive Bone Harvester

  • Patented, simple to use capture mechanism for bone harvesting via small cortical access "window"
  • Suitable for harvesting from the iliac crest, proximal tibia, proximal femur, distal femur, etc.
  • Provides all growth factors required for bone regeneration
  • Potentially reduces operative time, blood loss & donor site morbidity
  • Supplied in sterile form for single patient use
  • Available in 7mm & 9mm


ReStor Implants™

Trinity’s ReStor Implants™ were designed to minimize the risk of developing Adjacent Segment Degeneration (ASD) following lumbar fusions. Recognizing postoperative hypolordosis as the primary “provocateur” of ASD, the proprietary design of the ReStor Implants eliminates the inherent weakness found in all polyaxial screws (universal joint yielding or slippage) when subjected to both static and dynamic flexion loads. In addition, Trinity’s ReStor Implants will not dampen lordotic contouring of the connecting rods, as is seen when polyaxial screws are articulated toward adjacent levels to facilitate connecting rod attachment. By eliminating “tulip” sagittal articulation and migration relative to the screw shaft axis, Trinity’s ReStor Implants enable surgeons to restore and maintain physiologic lordosis.

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